Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Washington/Canadian Trip Day 5

 Whew! Last post about the trip. :D Doing them all at once like this is quite a marathon, but I just kinda want to get it over with. :P SO. Some of us slept in Monday. Then we packed and tidied up and did some last minute jumping on the trampoline. Headed out about 11, but didn't make it out to the highway immediately. Stopped at an outlet mall in Burlington, WA for an hour or so. We got stuck in reroute traffic near Skagit. Made it home close to 8 in the evening! But it didn't seem too terribly long due to the fact that I took a couple naps and we watched quite a few Little House on the Prairie. :D Here are some pictures:
Old barn just past the road to our vacation home

The other side of the bridge I posted earlier.

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In Washington, they wrap their bales in round bundles...

REALLY random picture of me that I didn't know got taken, LOL
But, hey, it's the only one of me that "turned out" from the whole trip!

Rocky Mountian Chocolate Company - YUM!
This bear is really random, cute, and funny looking,
kinda like an 'ol granpa bear LOL

More shots of the Skagit River Bridge Collapse

Yes, another Space Needle shot :P

LOVE this :D

and this...

Yes, I have a thing for tall buildings :D

Tacoma Dome



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