Sunday, May 19, 2013

Someone Who Died For Me

 Thought I would post this because it went right along with the message this morning - so moving I was almost crying!

I have Someone Who died for me.
Someone Who broke all my chains,
Who cleansed my sinful, sin-sickened heart.
Someone Who set me free for eternity.

This Someone died on a cruel, rugged cross.
He was buried in a tomb - a grave - for me.
He went down and broke through hell's gates
To rob darkness of a key.
A key to my soul.
My poor, wretched soul.

I don't know why He chose my key,
Or why He loves me so,
But He told me Himself that He does.
Told me that the filthy sin stains I once had
Were washed away at a place called Calvary.

I then realized that this, His blood, His scars,
Had saved me from a hell I deserved.
Oh! Wretched man that I am! 
He loved me.
Despite my sin, my guilt, my shame,
He simply loved me!
He has taken me in as His own,
Called me by name.
He then placed underneath,
Written in His blood,
Ransomed, Redeemed, Free.

How I weep for joy at those words,
Realizing their meaning.
Knowing that they spoke about me.
I didn't have to turn back to a sin-filled life,
Nor did I desire to.
I, a wretched sinner, condemned to hell,
Had been set free and was now a child of The King.
Worthy was I now to worship at His throne,
Worship with all other Ransomed and Redeemed
At the feet of Jesus,
My Lord, 
My Savior,
My King!

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