Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ode to Fall

 I know this may seem silly, especially since Fall is not yet here. I tend to hold Fall in a mix of joy and anticipation - it's my favorite season. I was inspired to write a bit of a poem about Fall. ( Perhaps due to the fact that I'm reading the Anne books and she is always in rapture over the land and seasons. ) That is what may seem silly...the poem. BUT, I am going to be a brave soul and post it anyway, terrible though it may be. :D

 Fall is in the air again,
 Her fragrant breath upon us.
 She comes dressed in regal, royal splendor
 Such as no season e're did festoon.
 Warmth of summer has cooled,
 The crispness of Fall is here -
 Smokey, damp, musky too.

 Oh! The awe of golden-crimson leaves!
 They rustle and mingle with velvet green grass;
 They contrast sharp and wondrously with clear blue sky.
 Such beauty takes breath away,
 Yet beckons for to inhale deeply.
 Save the pleasant memory!
 Tuck it away for a cold, rainy, dismal Winter day.

 Fair Fall has slipped in again
 On the tails of Sweet Summer.
 Enjoy the perfection so as to hold through Winter.
 Fair Fall, I bid thee welcome!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Camp Time

 Hey there! I'm back! I've actually been home for a few days, but I've just been enjoying not having to do much of anything. However, the fun of that only lasts for a certain amount of time before you feel as though you must do something. Especially when I've been doing stuff almost constantly all summer.
 So, camp was incredible. The services, the activities, and the fellowship were wonderful. God really moved in the services and changed lives that had been so hard and resistant to the moving of the Spirit before. There was so much answered prayer and the worship and atmosphere was beautiful. I got to know people better and am happy to say I believe I've begun a life-long friendship with one of the girls from my cabin. God is good!
 Of course, as always when you've been a part of something so amazing as a youth camp, coming out and away from being around those of like-precious faith and the presence of God is difficult. I must confess that though I'm not struggling as much as I was, I am still battling things the enemy has been hounding me with since even before camp was totally over. It's such a let-down to go into camp feeling strong and victorious and to leave feeling a bit weary and pounded. Not from the Word or from those I was with, but with the fiery darts of the wicked one. So if you would dear friends and readers, please keep me in prayer as I battle my way through this time of trial.
 I must say that the key thing in times like these is to not let go of the Lifeline. I'm ashamed to say that I got so caught up with CBW camp and our church camp right after that I didn't truly keep in touch with God like I should have and that is part of why I was struggling so. I kept thinking to myself, " I'll have time when I get home. If I can just hold out until I get home. " That was NOT the right way to think. No matter how busy or weary, praying and reading the Word is first. Pushing yourself when you don't feel like it. Actually, those are the times when you can sometimes get the biggest blessing. Entering in when you are exhausted and don't feel like praying or reading. That's what happened friday night at camp. All of us were so tired, but we entered in and it was the best, most anointed service the whole camp.
 " We need faith for the time when the sun does not shine, and the mountaintop is just a memory. When there's no signs to be seen and you don't feel a thing, to the Word alone I must cling. I need faith for the day when troubles comes my way and I just don't understand what it means. That's when nothing else will do, faith alone will see me through, and believing becomes my victory! "
 Believing when believing isn't easy, that is the testing!
 No pictures this time my loves, I didn't take all that many and they didn't really turn out that well. :( So sorry.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

To God be the Glory

 Hello! Here I am, on the eve of yet another trip, and I have things yet to do, but there are some things on my heart I wanted to share. Where am I off to this time? A youth camp in Washington. I've gone several times and although it is the only camp I have ever been to besides special services at my own church, I do believe it is my favorite camp! :) I think a lot of it is due to the fact that this camp has been life-changing for me. Last year I was re-baptized at the camp. I hadn't backslid, but I wanted to give unashamed testimony to all that God had done a work in me and to let the devil know that I belonged to God!
 As I write these things, I have such tender feelings welling up within me due to an email I received from a friend yesterday evening. I titled my post ' To God be the Glory ' because that is to Whom all praise and honor is due for her testimony.
 I don't see this friend very often because she lives quite a distance away. I saw her a few months ago and we had a fun time together. We email here and there. In my last email to her I shared some of the same things I shared here on my blog concerning what God has been doing in my life. I also told her about the song Clear the Stage. She wrote me back yesterday and said she was in tears over the song. It had really touched her. Then she said she wanted to tell me something. She told me that when we had seen one another she had been struggling and that she took note of my relationship with the Lord and it reminded her of where she used to be. God convicted her and she is now climbing higher! I was blown away with her heartfelt thanks that I shined for Christ. ME?! Needless to say, I hadn't tried to be anything. I was just living my life. Yet...God used me!
 I am not relating this for any accolades as to the events that took place. I am in absolute awe of how amazing God is! I had no idea anyone was watching my life or that God was so much on display. I always try my best to do all that is required of a Christian not because it is a requirement, but because I love Jesus. I think that is how many of us believers are. Though we strive to do the will of Christ, so much of it is subconscious. So take courage! You may not even feel like you are much of a Christian or that you are not much of a blessing or testimony, but Christ living through you in your subconscious words and actions speak volumes!
 I probably won't post for awhile. As soon as I am done at camp I will be busy with prep for our church's family camp next weekend. So, Lord Bless you all!