Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Kindred Spirits

 I had the most amazing experience if a lifetime today! There is this new little cafe in town that my folks discovered that we have been going to that is gluten free. The owners are really nice, and Christians too. Today I went in to drop off a resume of sorts because they had mentioned that they may need to hire on more help in the coming months. There is this girl that works there that I had noticed the first time I went and had briefly chatted with about baking, which is pretty much her main task at the cafe. Well, when I went in today, after I had talked with the owner for awhile, she was like, " I am going to take my lunch break and would love to talk to you, can you stay awhile longer? " I was so excited! So I did, and we had a blast! The Lord is so faithful and true, providing above and beyond what we ask for and need as His children. Yuliya and I have been texting and we have found that we are true kindred spirits, even down to loving Anne of Green Gables. :) So, today my heart is exceedingly glad for the new friend that has been given to me right when I needed one. :)

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