Tuesday, May 14, 2013


 This post is dedicated to my wonderful, beautiful friend Elena who came to visit me ( okay, and her family ) this past week and a half from Florida. Here she is! :)

 We went to the Salem Riverfront Carousel that day...Saturday, I guess it was. Quite a lovely, long day in which we did an crazy amount of walking and staying up waaaaaay too late for a pre-church night. ;P But hey, that's what having best friends are for, right?
 I didn't get a lot of pictures, but she did. I will post a few of mine at a later time. Right now my brain is kinda fried from staying up late three nights in a row and being on the go so much too. ;P 
 Back to my Laina, though. Wow, this girl is AH-MAZING! :D She'll roll her eyes and "hate" me for saying all this, but I'm just gonna spill on how special she is. ;) She is so alive! Even when she is being really quiet, if something strikes her just right, she will let out this laugh that makes you bubble with laughter right along with her. Creative, spunky, gifted, loving, and downright hilarious, this girl is the best. :) Understanding, sympathetic, a good listener. We had so many heart-to-heart talks and moments where we would have a whole conversation not with words, but by sharing just a look. Or, like, we'd talk about something in front of someone and no one else got it, but we did. Isn't that the best? :D 
 She left me today, and is at this very minute in the air somewhere flying " home " ( :P ) to Florida. Always a bummer to have her go, but I'm thanking God that there is email and skype and blogger and good, old-fashioned snail mail. ;) That is the best part, really. Knowing that even though someone you love has to leave, that you will stay in touch by all means possible until you meet again. Those are the best kind of friendships. :) 

Love ya, Laina!


  1. Cuuuuuute! But I hate that picture. LOL I had a FAB time with you and cannot wait to see you again. <3

    1. i knew you would gripe about the pic,lol...but it was the best of the three i had hahaha. ccan't wait until you come visit meeeeeee :D :P <3