Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Washington/Canada Trip Day 2

 Well, we are home now, as of yesterday! :) I'm at Cobbs until tonight at church, then I will be home-home. :D Had a fabulous trip with fabulous people, fellowship, and services. ;) On Saturday, we slept in...yay! The beds were sooooo comfy! Charity, the little girls and I went shopping at the little mall a few minutes from where we staying, then came back and entertained for pretty much the rest of the day. It was great! Here are pics:
View from bridge near where we stayed.

Probably the prettiest watermelon I've ever seen!
Love those swirls :D
( It tasted FABULOUS too :D )

Getting ready for supper - Sis Joe on left, Sis Em on right.

How many guys does it take to start a grill? :D :D :D

Instant friends

The sunset, oh the sunset...mmm

The End
( for now )

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