Monday, February 24, 2014

One Day at a Time

  There are so many days lately where I have not felt inspired, enthusiastic, or energetic about anything. I'm sure everyone has felt that way at some point, right? That down-in-the-gutter feeling. " Can I just forget this problem or that problem? Maybe it will just...disappear if I ignore it. "  Huh-uh. Unfortunately, that does not work or help in the long run. It may take some time to work through a situation in your head, but ultimately a decision still has to be made, words have to be spoken, deeds have to be done.
  In my own personal life and in the lives of many around me there have been some immense struggles recently. Suffering is nothing new to us, but each situation has its own unique qualities that create a fresh feeling to the suffering. Still can't help but ask ' how? ' and ' why? ' and ' when will this be over? '. All the knowledge of a light being at the end of the tunnel only brings a small flame of comfort. Because struggle is struggle.
  So what to do on the days when forever stretches in yawning midnight black and it feels SO unbearable? I'm learning that it's by remembering to not look at the forever part so much. There is no defined time limit to the trials of life. Today might be the best day of your life and tomorrow the worst---or the other way around. There is no way of knowing for certain what lies ahead. You might be hurting; I might be hurting. Today is today. Don't carry that hurt ahead in your mind. Take it one day at a time. Focus on pushing through ( or savouring! ) today. It's just like walking. One foot in front of the other. One day, then the next. God holds tomorrow. Only He knows what it will bring and nothing that happens in our lives happens without His say-so. :) Even the " bad ", hard things have a purpose. Eventually there will be retrospect and you will see things about a situation that you never could have seen in the heat of battle. Perhaps the why, perhaps the silver lining, the lesson learned, maybe nothing. It may have not even been for your benefit, but for the benefit of someone else. Hold tight, anchor down, find what calms you and wait for the storm of the day to pass. God sees the other side...and it could be outrageously beautiful. ;)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Right Now

Last post coping Fresh Modesty, ya'll. ;D But hey, it's been fun. Maybe I'll pick a few random ones to do every month, ya?

Considering: What I should bring to work as a change of clothes for going out to dinner after :)
Turning: From computer to phone, phone to computer LOL
Biting: My lips...sometimes my tongue to keep from saying something I may regret hehe
Reducing: My size! I've lost ten pounds! :D
Longing: For when I can share V day with a guy ;)
Suffering: With waaaay too many tummy issues :/
Recognizing: That less can be more.
Checking: For yummy recipes we can make at my work :)
Practicing: The art of doing nothing for just one day ;)
Reckoning: That if we knew everything really would be okay in the end, we wouldn't get so stressed.
Smiling: At wonderful imaginations :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Life :P

The " good 'ol days " ...yeah, crazy as that sounds, lots has changed in this world since I was a kid!
To eat healthy, get my body toned, and only buy what I really think I'll use/like for a long time. :)
Life...what to do when and how and why. :D 
Choices. Of missing out on life or hurting loved ones because of wrong choices.
The thrill of adventure as I spread my wings and become my own person.
Cheap plane tickets. ;)
To be strong and hold my head up amid the storms of my life.
Working: Too many things! ( How's that for an interesting answer! )
Emailing: one. But I should be!
Nothing! I'm not...creative. At least, not with glue. :P
Ma sistah! :D :D :D
Nothing right now, but normally back, neck, fingers, wrist...yup.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


 Well hi there. :) I'm back for another round of " Life Right Now ", inspiration courtesy of Olivia from Fresh Modesty! :) And yes, I am posting on a Sunday. I know. Here's why...I'm having an extremely rare, wonderfully lazy day at home today! We've been hit with a snow and ice " storm " here in the lovely Willamette Valley and church was cancelled for today. It isn't something I'd normally be excited about, ( excited? not sure if that is exactly what I'd call it...but I'm lacking a better word right now! ) but getting to take my own sweet time this morning in the shower was bliss. So was warming up a latte packet purchased from Starbucks, snuggling up with a blanket, music, and journal, and getting to write and write and write has been BLISS. :D

Laughing: At how silly my mom was being before bed last night...she was truly tired, hehe.
Recovering: My sleep and sanity. :P
Believing: That God is God no matter what.
Anticipating: Getting to buy plane tickets! :D
Dreaming: Of when my room is finally organized and clean all over!
Praying: For God to be with me, my friends, and my family as we journey through life.
Reading: Tattler's Branch by Jan Watson
Singing: In my head along with my music...currently, Jesus Loves Me by Lynda Randle
Wearing: An OSU T-shirt with a knit camo skirt...not trying to make any fashion statements today. :P
Preparing: To listen to a sermon with my family since we didn't have church.

Thursday, February 6, 2014


 I'm back! Yeah, I's been awhile. Everyone probably figures I've vanished - never to blog again. I kinda almost thought so myself for a little while! I have had very little extra time lately and when I do have time...I'm super tired and have zip, ziltch, nadda as far as inspiration goes, haha. Just to get that bloggers-block unstopped I thought I'd link back to and her post from Jan. 28th. She did an awesome post using a starter word for random facts about what she was up to and I thought I might sneak her idea. ;) Soooo, I think I'll do...ten " random facts " for today. :) There is quite a few to do, so I think breaking it up into sections will be a great idea for me right now.

Seeing: SNOW!!! Winter storm blowing through with up to nine inches in the forecast!
Hearing: The soundtrack from Frozen ( LOVE!! ) and wind-driven icy snow pelting the window. :)
Smelling: Nothing...:/
Tasting: Nothing. Yeah, I'm pretty boring, haha.
Needing: A hot shower to warm up and to actually be productive and do some stuff on my to-do list!
Wanting: To read a book :)
Regretting: Making choices that hurt and disappoint people I love :/
Feeling: Too many feelings!
Wishing: For Summer!
Thinking: About contacting my sister about when I can go to MS to see her and her family! :D