Thursday, December 5, 2013

Canada, Day Two

 This post has been a long time coming, but I figure better late than never ( just like thank you notes, right? :D ) So on day two of my trip, Hannah and her mom and I all got up really early to get ready to go to the church school to meet up with Hannah's class and the class below her to go on a hike! :D I was super excited because I never get to do stuff like that and I would also get to see several people I hadn't seen for a very long time. :D It was a long, beautiful drive...

Few of us knew what we were in for, and picture-snapping happy as I was, I was taking a picture of what we were about to hike before I fully realized what was happening!

I think we were all pretty much like, whoa!

All assembled and ready to go!
Still had no clue what we were in for...

There were stairs...lots and lots of them, as well as natural rock " stairs ".

But it was also very beautiful :)

Putting one of my many breaks to try and stop huffing and puffing to use!
  ( Quite a shot, eh? )

Like tramping through a storybook/fairytale at times...


About to scale my way up to what I might call the half-way point...

A ladder anchored into the rock...sure, no problem ( gulp )

Zig-zagging up a steep, narrow crevace
( even if it doesn't look that way in the pic )

And, well, another ladder...

And the side of a steep dome to the top...

And then you get there and breathe in a sigh of relief and jubilation that you made it! :D

Sharon, me, and Hannah <3

Me and Laura <3


Time for lunch :D

Oh, SOOOO stunning...

...On the way home. Couldn't resist a shot of the sailboat. :)

One last shot before pretty much zonking out the rest of the way home ;)
What a lovely, memorable day :)