Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Washington/Canada Trip Day 3

 So on Sunday, we had church and then had fellowship at one of the homes. It was really great getting to hang out with some girls my age, making new friends. To avoid the looooooog lines at the main border, we drove through the countryside of Washington to go through another border that isn't so busy. The scenery is absolutely stunning, even in the rain and the houses are HUGE! But from what I hear, the houses are so expensive in Canada that a lot of families share - a.k.a rent out a room or basement suit. I personally cannot imagine sharing a home with anyone but family, but you do what you can do, hey? ( there I go talking Canadian again :P ) So anyway, without further ado, here are some pics of the Washington countryside, some huge houses and border pictures. :D

A.M. pic of the cranes out our vacation home window -
I think this shot is so awesome!

Rainy, but BEAUTIFUL! :D

The roads are very " wavy " as a certain little girl dubbed them ;)

Oh Canada!

This border is so much better than the one I've been through before!


LOVE this house...but isn't it HUGE?!

And yikes, what about THIS one!

At the other border where we had zero success.
40 minute wait ahead, so we went the back way ;)

Just because :D

Love the building style!

Would've been cool to stop in :/

Another huge house!

Cloud break! Soooo lovely.

Crane on our dock Sunday night.

And now that I've probably begun to make a certain friend of mine very homesick, I will bid thee adieu! :D


  1. Yep, I am. Very homesick. Hahahaha! Uhm, thos are houses that the indians live in. That's why they're so big. And that road is H Street isn't it? Haha.

  2. naomi, i like this backround MUCH better!