Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Washington/Canadian Trip Day 4

 Monday we went out to the mall again and then came back and a family came over that had two boys and a girl. We had a great time. It definitely rains more there than it does here, but it doesn't keep the Washingtonians ( or the Oregonians! ) down. :D We went for a walk in the rain down to the beach. We were all soaking wet by the time we got back, but it was still so amazing! The path we took was through the woods, so we had a tiny bit of respite from the torrents of rain, but not much. :D That night we had service, then went out with another family afterwards to Boston Pizza - one of the only eating establishments open past 10 P.M! It was astonishing to find out most everything closes up in Canada at 10. Even the border shuts down at midnight! It was certainly a picture day, so there are going to be LOTS of pictures in this post. :)

Ok, so there were LOTS of slugs...big slugs.
Slugs are pretty gross, but I had to take a pic, lol.
Doesn't it look like it has a moustache? :D

Red as a raspberry, but it's not! It's a salmon berry.
I tried to catch it, but not well - there is a drop of water on the end -
SO pretty :)

Trecking down to the beach

Up-high view of the beach

Long way up!

And a hard way down...

Fishing boats?

Beach to the left

Beach to the right

There were TONS of starfish and they were alive!
Just waiting for the tide to come back to wash them out.

Some type of seaweed?

The color and design is incredible!

Another kind of seaweed?

I think the center looks like a heart :)

More this time too.

Crab shell 

Fat little starfish :D

Fort? Anyway, so cool :)

THIS was SO COOL! Like a washcloth in texture and pink camo in color.
I guess it is seaweed....
I guess this is called a sunfish...

They had gluten free pizza! And it was SO yummy!

Hockey may be the big thing in Canada,
but from what I hear,

Flag above our table...SO COOL!

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