Monday, February 17, 2014

Right Now

Last post coping Fresh Modesty, ya'll. ;D But hey, it's been fun. Maybe I'll pick a few random ones to do every month, ya?

Considering: What I should bring to work as a change of clothes for going out to dinner after :)
Turning: From computer to phone, phone to computer LOL
Biting: My lips...sometimes my tongue to keep from saying something I may regret hehe
Reducing: My size! I've lost ten pounds! :D
Longing: For when I can share V day with a guy ;)
Suffering: With waaaay too many tummy issues :/
Recognizing: That less can be more.
Checking: For yummy recipes we can make at my work :)
Practicing: The art of doing nothing for just one day ;)
Reckoning: That if we knew everything really would be okay in the end, we wouldn't get so stressed.
Smiling: At wonderful imaginations :)

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