Thursday, February 6, 2014


 I'm back! Yeah, I's been awhile. Everyone probably figures I've vanished - never to blog again. I kinda almost thought so myself for a little while! I have had very little extra time lately and when I do have time...I'm super tired and have zip, ziltch, nadda as far as inspiration goes, haha. Just to get that bloggers-block unstopped I thought I'd link back to and her post from Jan. 28th. She did an awesome post using a starter word for random facts about what she was up to and I thought I might sneak her idea. ;) Soooo, I think I'll do...ten " random facts " for today. :) There is quite a few to do, so I think breaking it up into sections will be a great idea for me right now.

Seeing: SNOW!!! Winter storm blowing through with up to nine inches in the forecast!
Hearing: The soundtrack from Frozen ( LOVE!! ) and wind-driven icy snow pelting the window. :)
Smelling: Nothing...:/
Tasting: Nothing. Yeah, I'm pretty boring, haha.
Needing: A hot shower to warm up and to actually be productive and do some stuff on my to-do list!
Wanting: To read a book :)
Regretting: Making choices that hurt and disappoint people I love :/
Feeling: Too many feelings!
Wishing: For Summer!
Thinking: About contacting my sister about when I can go to MS to see her and her family! :D

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