Sunday, February 9, 2014


 Well hi there. :) I'm back for another round of " Life Right Now ", inspiration courtesy of Olivia from Fresh Modesty! :) And yes, I am posting on a Sunday. I know. Here's why...I'm having an extremely rare, wonderfully lazy day at home today! We've been hit with a snow and ice " storm " here in the lovely Willamette Valley and church was cancelled for today. It isn't something I'd normally be excited about, ( excited? not sure if that is exactly what I'd call it...but I'm lacking a better word right now! ) but getting to take my own sweet time this morning in the shower was bliss. So was warming up a latte packet purchased from Starbucks, snuggling up with a blanket, music, and journal, and getting to write and write and write has been BLISS. :D

Laughing: At how silly my mom was being before bed last night...she was truly tired, hehe.
Recovering: My sleep and sanity. :P
Believing: That God is God no matter what.
Anticipating: Getting to buy plane tickets! :D
Dreaming: Of when my room is finally organized and clean all over!
Praying: For God to be with me, my friends, and my family as we journey through life.
Reading: Tattler's Branch by Jan Watson
Singing: In my head along with my music...currently, Jesus Loves Me by Lynda Randle
Wearing: An OSU T-shirt with a knit camo skirt...not trying to make any fashion statements today. :P
Preparing: To listen to a sermon with my family since we didn't have church.

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