Sunday, August 11, 2013

Youth Camp

 I don't normally do stuff like this on a Sunday, but I am going to be busy tomorrow so I thought I'd make sure I got another post in before too much time passed. :) I am going to make it easy and post pictures from all the days of camp since I didn't take all that many post-worthy pictures anyway. :P I wish I had pictures from Friday when we did capture the flag, ( Well, everyone but me. No running allowed for Miss Wisdom Teeth Just Out. :D ) but I didn't want anything to accidentally happen to my camera and the weather was iffy as well. So I mostly have some scenery from camp, a little bit of what the grounds and buildings looked like, and volleyball pics. :) Even though I didn't participate very much in the activities, I was totally fine with that ( not a very sporty person anyway, lol ) and enjoyed watching everyone. I was blessed with many new friends or renewed friendships with girls I hadn't seen for a long time. Can't wait to go back. ;) So. Without further ado, Living Word Fellowship Youth Camp! ( Round of applause, ooo, ahhh, woooowwww! ) ( LOL!!! )

Isn't this the cutest clock?! :D

Scenery on the way to Chilliwack from the Surrey area

Couldn't resist taking a pic of this...such a funny road name :P

Took this just for you, Laina! :D

The dining hall - so cute and cozy w/ the decor :)

This is also where capture the flag was set up.

There were three colors made up of three teams each.
One team at a time took turns sitting out.

My team :)

One team sitting out.
The ministers/ camp directors looking on from the top o' the hill.

Sis Rebecca & Bro Tony Abma
Sis Brenda de Gouveia & Sis LeRoux
Bro Lance LeRoux ( pastor ) & Bro Leon de Gouveia
IDK who the other guy is :P

Naomi Fresian, my " twin " :D

Anissa Rowe from AZ :)

Minister's cabin

Lovely creek on the grounds

The back part of the dining hall.
There are dorms below where the junior campers/counselors stayed.

Walking to the main building from the sports area.
To the right is the dining hall.

The main building.
Sanctuary is where you see the big windows.
To the left & right of the sanctuary is the girl's dorms.
The guys dorms where on the ground floor. 

The gym

My dorm room. 

Front view of dining hall.

Front room of gym where the canteen counter is.
Luckily the gym isn't this bright all over. :P

Some lovely trees on the property, just above the sports area.
This was supposed to be up further in the post, but got bumped down here somehow, lol.
This isn't Living Word Fellowship's own camp, they rent Charis Camp. :)
Such a lovely set up. :)


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