Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vancouver Island!

 I am finally getting around to posting about my " last day " in Canada! ( Last day is almost correct, as I left just past 6 the following morning. ) I almost didn't get to join in on this amazing experience because I was due to leave around noon that day. BUT when I got wind of what was being planned and how many people were going, I couldn't resist changing my tickets. :D It was SO worth it! We had a really full day. We had all hung out at McDonald's Monday night until really late and then when I went home with one of the girls we were up talking until 2:30ish. Fun, but crazy when you have to get up at five. :D We made it though. Hopped on the ferry sometime around 8ish and got to the island at 10:30ish. Took a doubledecker bus to the city center, walked over to Parliament to have lunch, then whipped over to rent mopeds for the afternoon. !!! :D Almost everyone had their own moped, but there were a few of us that had to double for various reasons. ( Did I mention there was seventeen of us that went?! That meant we rented fourteen mopeds! We caused quite a stir...especially since we girls were doing it in skirts. :P ) It was the most awesome experience ever! We used the mopeds as our transport to different stops on the island. We went to a look-out point, stopped for drinks at a marina place, took a gander at a little lighthouse on the end of a pier, and so much more. 35mph feels so much faster on a little thing like that verses a car. :D
 After we turned in our mopeds ( 5pm ), we headed out for dinner. I have no idea who picked the place, but it was a really swanky restaurant! Kinda fun, kinda expensive, but hey, it was good and worth it. ;) Gelato was grabbed as we hot-footed it to the bus that would take us to the ferry. The ferry ride home was the cherry on top. It was so dazzlingly gorgeous that morning as we headed out to the island, but on our way home, the sun was setting and it was the most relaxing, blissful thing ever to be gliding smoothly along in the twilight. :)
 I didn't get back to my host family's house until 12:30ish in the morning and I needed to be up at 4am to get ready to head out to catch my bus, so after showering and packing it is needless to say I got much sleep yet again, but I would do it all over again just to be able to be a part of something so unique and exciting. :) :)
 And now, the moment you have all been waiting for. Hehehehe. Pictures! I took almost 400 pictures, so there are going to be quite a few to go through below, although I will try to be as selective as I possibly can. :)

THE most stunning sunrise I have ever been privileged to see :)
( What a glorious way to start the day, eh? )

On the was almost like being in an airport waiting area or theater. 

Almost all of us :)
Hannah, Janessa, Anissa
Andrew, Wes, Karmen, Kaitlyn, Chaela, Laryssa, Carlena, Abby, Me

LOVE the effect of this one :)

Abby and Hannah :) <3

Wes, lol


Caught this out the bus window :D

This too...zoom is AWESOME :D lol

Different national flags surrounding the patio.

Parliament grand!

Our bus! :) <3

The back of The Empress

The amphibious bus...YIKES!

A zoomed in shot of one of The Empress's ivy framed windows :)

Another of my favorite shots from this day :)

Along one of the ways to get to Parliament there were street vendors and cool!

Ahhh, bagpipes! He played really well...could have listened for a long time, but barely had time to take his picture. :/

Love this shot...

Not sure what the to-do was exactly, but it was cool to see the actors all dressed up :)

Inside the Parliament building.
Awesome architecture!

Our rides! :D

Hannah and I :)

View from where we all met up for a head count.

Almost all of us! :)

The rest of the troop arrives :P
Anissa, Abby, Mitch, Kaitlyn, Chaela, & Karmen

Jordan, Janessa, Anissa, Hannah, & Chaela

Lookout point

Someone found a cute little lizard! :D

ALL of us :D
Kolin, Andrew, Steven, Wes, Mitch, Jordan, Jeremy
Hannah, Janessa, Laryssa, Chaela, Me, Karmen, Carlena, Kaitlyn, Abby, Anissa

From the tippy-top of the lookout point

Janessa, Kaitlyn, Carlena

LOVED capturing shots of this vulture soaring!

Chae and I :)

Steven, Andrew, & Kolin

Chaela, Janessa, Carlena, Karmen, & Hannah

Cool map of what is where.

Hannah was admiring this car and the owner let her sit in it for a pic! SO AWESOME!

Lovely old cathedral

The Pier

SUCH an awesome shot! 


My dinner :P
( cool bowl though, hey? )

Another cool old cathedral

Another favorite shot!!!!
( taken out the bus no less ;D )

Ahhh, the sunset...

Up on the very top

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