Friday, August 9, 2013

New Beginnings In Christ Jesus

 This has been my theme title for my life since camp. The Lord did SO MUCH for me when I was up there, I am a totally different person. A new creation. I went with great expectation and received above and beyond when I could ever have desired. The devil tried to stop me every step of the way, but I still made it to camp and received from the Lord. Amen! What was special to me was that God did things in my life even after camp was over and I was at the church for service or off doing things with the young people.
 Perhaps the biggest obstacle was what I had previously mentioned about getting my bottom two wisdom teeth out the day before I left for camp. My parents were not thrilled that I was going to be travelling by myself out of the states right after oral surgery. I had this great peace from God and such a strong pull that I was supposed to go, that I kept praying and praying for them to have that same peace and let me go. LONG story short, I obviously got to go. :) God is good. When I arrived ( after missing my bus in Seattle because they didn't announce it and waiting 3 hours for the next one and the bus driver missing the turn and heading onto the freeway right before my stop ) and rested, I woke up the next morning and one of my incisions began bleeding. That can be serious. So, I had prayer and did a few things to try and stop the bleeding and praise God, it stopped.
 Those are the two major things and there were a few other things, but I won't go into further detail. I have lots and lots of pictures, and so I don't overwhelm everyone in one post, I will do it day by day. :) There aren't too many from my ride up that turned out, but I post a few today anyway. :)

Somewhere in Washington :D

Newly restored Seattle train station

Don't know about anyone else, but doesn't this remind you of Bolt?


I think this clock tower is part of the train station...


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