Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fair & Demolition Derby

 So normally I would have left right after camp, but God was working all the way. When I arranged my ticket, I thought that the 6th was Monday when it was really Tuesday. So I got to go do some extra stuff, plus get in on the last special service at church.
 Sometime in the late morning on Monday the family I was staying with decided to go check out Abbotsford's fair. There was also to be a demolition derby, and I was pretty excited to see something like that because I had never seen one before. :P It was a really, really hot day. Being a fair-skinned person, I got a major sunburn from being in the straight sun for hours on end. It was worth it though! I not only got to do something fun, but my sunburn faded into a nice tan ( for me, anyway ). Score! :D hehehe
 I got some really cool pictures of the demolition derby ( if I do say so myself :P ) and pictures of some of the animals and people I hung out with. :)

Scruffiest little guinea pig in with the bunnies, lol

The cow was laying there eating like that, lol

The feathers are so pretty!

Has to be the funniest looking chicken ever!

Solar car...Fisker brand

The derby! :D

Little race car drivers in training...a five year old won the heat.

The mini van " derby " was so funny!

We thought the batman car was going to win, but 61 ended up winning :(

Eh, not the best picture of me...

Favorite. Picture.

One of the cars in the pile-up caught on fire!

Aleah, Naomi, & Bethia

Naomi and Naomi :D

Mt Baker?
Taken from the parking lot of the fair as we left.

Jesse, my friend's little brother
SO adorable!


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