Saturday, August 17, 2013

Glorious Remembrance

 Thursday I had the privilege of going to a funeral. A week ago our pastor's mom passed away from cancer. She had been through so much pain the last few weeks and her family knew that she was ready and wanting to go home. That makes it so much easier to let go when you know what to expect. I think the hardest part of losing my grandma was how unexpected it was. I mean, yes, she had been ill for a long time, but because I hadn't seen her much before she passed on, it was a shock. However, by the grace of God, He has healed those wounds.
 The service was a lovely tribute to a lovely lady. Even the funeral director that was present remarked that it was one of the most uplifting, touching services he'd ever witnessed. What was remarkable to me was how there was very little sadness in the whole day. Only peace and beauty and glorious remembrance. We put together a luncheon for those who had come and it felt more like a wedding reception than a funeral reception. Lovely flower arrangements on the tables with tissue paper tablecloths, and many family photos. Much laughter and talking filled the humid air. What could possibly be more beautiful. Only heaven.


"  Just think of stepping on shore,

And finding it heaven.

Of touching a hand,

And finding it God's.

Of breathing new air,

And finding it celestial.

Of waking up in Glory,

And finding it... 

Home.  "


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