Monday, December 3, 2012

Sweet Taste of Success :)

 Am I ever happy! Today I woke up with the distinct craving for gingerbread men. :D I looked through my list of healthy blogs I follow, hoping to find something that met my criteria for a perfect gingerbread man. I found what I was looking for on my first try. They looked like they were not crunchy and they looked normal. I think I hear chuckling. :D I'm with ya! Since I do gluten free as much as I can - as well as sugar free - this gets me excited. :D If it's healthy and it still looks and tastes like the real deal, it goes on the A list.
 So I ate gingerbread men ( and snowmen, hahaha ) for breakfast. Bliss! ( ok, it was actually almost lunch time by then :P ) Tonight I made the rest of the dough. ( thought it might be a good idea to have it refrigerate like it is supposed to, although there was no problem rolling 'em out not having done that ) I had another craving. Icing. But how is one to make icing when there is no powdered sugar in the house? Don't ask me how I dreamed this one up, but BINGO! I made delicious sugar-free icing. YES!!! You read that right! :D And it involved no cream cheese, ucky, unhealthy boxes of sugar free pudding/jello mix or ucky, unhealthy sugar free sweeteners like splenda. So how did I create this golden wonder? Let me tell you:

I took a couple TBS worth of room temp. butter and put in in a bowl. Then I added maybe a TBS or less of agave syrup ( honey would work too ) and whisked it until it was creamy. Then I added 3 packets of truvia ( gotta be the best stuff ever! ). Then I added maybe 3-4 TBS ( give or take ) of tapioca starch/flour and whisked it some more. VOILA!!! It looked like icing/frosting...dip a finger tasted like it too!!! :D I then scooped it up and plopped it in a ziploc, cut a bit of the corner off and frosted away. :) :) :)

So the idea here is to make it like you like it. Make it sweeter with more truvia. Make it stiffer with more starch. Dye it. Have fun with your guiltless yumminess!

OH! I almost forgot! I got my gingerbread men recipe from Ginger Lemon Girl's blog. :) The only changes I made to her recipe is I used 1 generous TBS of powdered ginger and 1/2 cup of coconut sugar plus 4 packets of truvia in place of the 3/4 c brown sugar.

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