Saturday, November 17, 2012

So Blessed #3

 Today I am so thankful for my friends. The people God has chosen to be in my life are incredible. I love and appreciate each one so very much. Some of us have gone through some really tough times together, but by the grace of God we've made it through and I believe our relationships are all the better for it.

 I got to spend part of my day today with one of those wonderful people, my friend Marissa who's wedding I was in back in April. It made for just about the best day I've had in a looooong time. Life got sooo busy for us once the wedding was over that we havn't even gotten together all these months. It was pretty strange, especially since we used to spend a lot of time together, and when we weren't together we were texting, calling, and emailing. But since I'm up in Portland, which is a lot closer than Salem, we decided to spend some time together atlast. :)
 She picked me up early this morning and we headed back to Vancouver where she lives now to go to a Christian Conference. That was some amazing stuff! The guy who was speaking, Erik Houver ( ? ) does talks on stuff having to do with disproving evolution etc... his topic this morning was on dinosaurs. Pretty awesome stuff! :D It was educational and fun, yet there was an annointing there.
 Afterward, we met up with one of the groomsmen from the wedding ( Roma, the one who walked me ) and a couple of his friends and we ended up all meeting back at Missy and her husband's apt for pizza and fellowship. Missy and I split awhile later to go get in on Starbuck's bogo on their holiday drinks and to drop me off with the gal I'm staying with who was also up in Vancouver at a birthday party.
 So, I had a full day, but a really awesome one. And it's not over yet. :) Movie night! :)

Bon Voyage!

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