Thursday, November 15, 2012

So Blessed #1

Today I am going to start a one week countdown to Thanksgiving. Many people have been doing a 30 days of thankfulness. I didn't even think about it, but there is a lot I am thankful for. 

Today I am thankful that a little girl named Moriah ( 14 mos. ) is such a trooper. I'm up in Portland with her mommy and two brothers ( Kaleb (7), Timothy (3) ) to help out while her daddy is on a long business trip. Tuesday night she climbed up the ladder on her brothers' bunk bed...and fell off. She cried off and on for awhile, but overall seemed okay. We kinda kept thinking something was still wrong, but she showed no signs of concussion or bruising. Then it was time to get pjs on. When her left arm was moved, she started crying. Her mommy decided she should take her to be checked. I stayed with the boys. 

Loooong story short, Baby Riah has a broken arm...broken in two places. She has such a high tolerance of pain. I mean, come on. She has a 3 year old brother who does all kinds of stuff to her. She has mostly been happy even though I'm sure she has been in a lot of pain on top of not feeling good. 

Unfortunately, blogger won't let me upload any videos and I don't have any pics of her and her cast on my laptop yet. Here is a pic of her before her cast, just so you can see how CUTE she is. :)

Putting brother in his place :P


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