Saturday, April 6, 2013

Though mountains fall and valleys fill,
The love of Christ holds me still. 
When my strength fails in the tempest,
In His arms I find rest.
In the midst of raging, fierce sea
His love is the anchor staying me.
When it seems all hope for safety is gone,
God, You show me the way.
Lord, You hide me in Your pavilion.
In the cleft of my Lord,
Christ, the Solid Rock I hide.
I stand on safe, solid ground.
While men die in waves of sinking tide,
 No other have I seen so sound as Christ,
My cleft, my Rock.
My Hope ever strong.
In Him I stand.
In Him I hide.
Though fierce doubt and trouble assail
When I in His high pavilion stay
Mine enemies can ne'er prevail.
Even when they fight their hardest,
Jesus saves the day.
He is my Banner of Love o'er me,
My cleft, my Solid Rock.