Thursday, April 18, 2013

Book Review

 So, I have an account on this really awesome website called Goodreads. This website is kind of the Facebook of books. You can have a profile and follow authors and people and get updates on what they've written/read. I love it. I am also able to keep track of what I've read and write reviews etc...
 A couple of weeks ago, I got a friend request from an up-coming author searching for readers who want to review her book in exchange for getting a free e-book copy! Cool deal, right? I'm certainly not going to pass up a free book - especially since this was a Christian author. She asked if I would do a review on Goodreads ( which I have yet to do at this point in time ) and on any other social media I have. Which would be my blog. :) Not into social media so much anymore.

 Ok, So down to the nitty-gritty. The book is called Fire Storm and it is written by Mackenzie Dare. ( Really cool title and name, right? :D ) It is 308 pages, but it is so engaging, I assure you it will fly by. Despite circumstances that prevented me from reading a book as quickly as I normally would, I was quite sorry to have it end. However, I must give applause to the fact that I really enjoyed the ending. I am picky about endings. I don't like it to end and there is something that seems like it didn't get resolved and you are left hanging. I will also add though, that I did have a bit of a time getting into the story at the first. ( But that may also have something to do with the fact that I was so distracted the first few chapters ) It was enjoyable, but it seemed like the action began too premature, then leaves you in the dust trying to figure out where the story is heading for the next several chapters. As I got further into the story though, and was able to more fully focus on it, I can see how it all pulls together. The author has great ability to keep your attention because you are never quite sure what to expect next and it is very exciting! I love the focus on Christ and how the fun, sincere relationships in the story make it seem like you are hanging out with friends. When the story gets intense you are praying for things to turn out okay right along with them. You feel what they are feeling because it is that realistic. There is a depth and detail in how certain parts are written that show that either it is something familiar and dear to the author's heart, or she has done a lot of research and is quite gifted. Perhaps both! Certainly a great story for a first publish.

 There ya have it! I am not going to spoil it and tell what it is all about. I'm only giving my honest opinion about the book. You will have to go read it to find out what the scoop is. :D

Bon Voyage!

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