Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Exciting News!

 I am super, super excited about this! Next week, a long-time friend of mine will be coming out to Oregon for a visit with her mom! Better yet, it will most likely be an extended stay for her, so we will get lots of time together! :) I feel so blessed. I think the most amazing thing about this though is how much it shows me personally the tender love of God. For the last couple months I had been thinking that I should ask my friend if she would be coming out this year for a visit or not. Just a couple weeks ago, I got on skype and guess what? Her status was " Going to Oregon in three weeks ". YIKES! WHAT?! Ever since then I've been doing a happy dance inside and out at how God gave me the desire of my heart. I hadn't even asked HIM yet. I was just thinking about it and He decided to give me a little love gift. :)

 I'm sure we'll have lots of adventures together, so hopefully I will have stuff to post. I may have posted a few pics of our time together when she was out here last year about this time. Here are a couple shots of just how crazy and wonderful we are ;P  ( jk jk, lol )


  1. What horrible pictures of me... -__- But yes! I can't wait to see ya! :)