Friday, April 26, 2013

Day Trip Across Oregon

 So, on Monday my folks and I went on a lovely adventure with my mom's cousin and his wife over to beautiful eastern Oregon. It was SUCH a gorgeous day. Brilliant blue skies and sunshine. ( Okay, and really cold wind. ) Most of the day was spent sitting in the car while we drove there and drove around the different towns and driving home. It was just kinda a relaxed day and I wanted to be comfortable ( not to mention I had to get up like, two hours earlier than I normally would ), so please forgive the awful sight of a truly messy messy-bun. :D Most of the pictures I captured through the window, but my camera did amazing most of the time. ;) Without further ado, here are quite a few shots of our trip:

I was so amazed at first that there would still be snow! But, there was...and lots of it!

See? LOTS! :D

Can't remember the name of the mountaiin :/

The stacks of Bend's old mill, now a mall and tourist attraction

Memorial on Pilot's Butte, Bend

Me, Lea, and my mom
Pilot's Butte, Bend

View of Bend and Black Butte ( I think )

We ate at Black Bear Diner for lunch and they have these cute spoof newspapers as their menu ( inside )

LOL! This pic gets me every time. This is such an awkward pose!

Check out the jukebox and the stuffed bears at the counter! :D

MAMOUTH burger! There is nothin' skimpy about their portions!

My meal: A HALF stack of pancakes... = 2 ginormous pancakes. I couldn't even eat all of it!

Touring a candy shop...mmmm :)

I love old stuff like this! :D

These little guys followed us all around the walking trail via the river hoping for food

Talk about gorgeous scenery, hey?

Caught this cute little place as we drove home - LOVE the sunflower!

Three Fingered Jack, Black Butte ( ? ), and ( ? )
Lol, for being a native Oregonian, you'd think I'd know my geography better - but I don't

Random little pull-off place we happened to stop at to stretch our legs.
Cool thing is, I've seen a documentary about this!

Well, until next time friends!
Bon Voyage!

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