Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ode to Fall

 I know this may seem silly, especially since Fall is not yet here. I tend to hold Fall in a mix of joy and anticipation - it's my favorite season. I was inspired to write a bit of a poem about Fall. ( Perhaps due to the fact that I'm reading the Anne books and she is always in rapture over the land and seasons. ) That is what may seem silly...the poem. BUT, I am going to be a brave soul and post it anyway, terrible though it may be. :D

 Fall is in the air again,
 Her fragrant breath upon us.
 She comes dressed in regal, royal splendor
 Such as no season e're did festoon.
 Warmth of summer has cooled,
 The crispness of Fall is here -
 Smokey, damp, musky too.

 Oh! The awe of golden-crimson leaves!
 They rustle and mingle with velvet green grass;
 They contrast sharp and wondrously with clear blue sky.
 Such beauty takes breath away,
 Yet beckons for to inhale deeply.
 Save the pleasant memory!
 Tuck it away for a cold, rainy, dismal Winter day.

 Fair Fall has slipped in again
 On the tails of Sweet Summer.
 Enjoy the perfection so as to hold through Winter.
 Fair Fall, I bid thee welcome!

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