Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Apologies!

 I am SOOOO sorry everyone! I have tried time and time again not only several times this week, but also several time today, to upload/post pictures from Alaska. It's not been cooperating! I'm totally frustrated and beginning to wonder if I'm even supposed to put up pictures. So. I have compromised GREATLY and have narrowed it down to...what? FIVE?! Whoa... I originally had 16! I think part of my problem was that it was taking too long to load that many and blogspot was just not able to handle it. 
Me and Amelia!
( Otherwise known as 'Milia, Millie, Mia, or Mil....depending on who is calling her =D )

The Carlson Family!
Chris, Jennifer, Martha ( Mattie ), Nathan, Josie, & 'Milia
Note: Nathan does NOT usually have hair like that, lol. He was sweaty and Mia fluffed it up. =P
Not my pref. Hahaha

Ahhhhh, the astounding, beautiful mountains of AK!

New Friends! Sisters: Samantha & Tiffany. LOVE! =)
( Wish I had a better pic though...this ones kinds awkward, lol =D )

Alaska: Land of the Midnight Sun.
( This really was taken at close to midnight! Probably 11:30 or so. )

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