Thursday, July 5, 2012

Alaska Bound!

 Hey there! For those of you who don't know, ( and even for those who do ) I am off on an Alaskan Adventure this morning! I am super excited! I'm visiting a family I know that used to live here in Oregon a few years ago that has a daughter I am close to. I'll be gone for two weeks and a day! I will be taking tons of pictures and videos, so there will be lots of that to share here on my blog. I promise not to overwhelm with long updates! How does one picture for each day I'm gone sound? :D Of course, I am not going to be updating while I am gone because I won't have an internet connection, but I will do it as soon as I can after I get home. :) Pray for my family! Mom and Dad are gonna miss me lots, but I think it'll be hardest for my little kitty girl. She misses me lots even when I'm just gone for the day or a few days. This is the longest I will have been away from her for awhile all in one stretch. She getting older and worries more. Pray for me too! I haven't gotten much sleep the past few days, getting ready for my trip along with Fourth of July stuff. I love you all! Happy summer!

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