Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 Sweet victory! Yesterday I finished the last of my online school stuff! It has been a long few months, pushing myself to pull ahead and complete it. All said and done, I have done over a semester's worth of school in three subjects in something like three to four months. !!!! And I actually learned stuff! Hehehehe. Well, that said, I still have some book work to polish off in between my summer travels etc... It won't be easy, but considering the amazing feat I have just accomplished, I think I can do it. =D

 To celebrate, Mom took me to McGrath's after work and errands last night. Mmmm-mmm, it was tasty! We started off with sourdough bread and a garden salad, then our main dish. I had Coconut Crusted Ahi Tuna with a spicy pineapple sauce ( And a Strawberry Lemonade ) ( I had to take the fries and green beans home that come with it because I wanted to save some room for dessert ). Mom had Hazelut Crusted Sole. Both are SUPER yummy...I highly recommend. To top off the meal, Mom and I tackled Mile High Mud Pie. This is a fabulous, dreamy creation. A large wedge of almond fudge ice cream set in an oreo cookie crust, topped with carmel vanilla ice cream and whipped cream and heath bar chunks, surrounded by a sea of warm fudge sauce and carmel. Are you drooling yet? Hahaha, 'cause I am! Mom and I were already full, so we had to leave some ( shhhh ). We finished off the evening by renting a movie. BEST evening in a LOOONG time. It was so nice to just chill out. =) Bon Voyage! ( Oh, how do you like the re-decorating I did to my blog? I loooove it! So calming and relaxing. )


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    1. Is that you in the header picture?!!

    2. THANKS!! :D, you need your eyes checked Laina...since when did I have brown hair and wear designer jeans? HAHAHAHA I got it off Pinterest. :D