Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy, Busy, Buz-Buz

Hahaha, the title for today's post is from something my grandma used to say when someone was busy going here and there, doing this and that - kind of like a bumble bee. I certainly feel that. Well, not like a bumble bee, but...well, I'm sure all you smart folks out there get what I'm saying. :D I'm just too tired right now, that is my problem. BUT. I feel terribly guilty that I have not kept up with posting, especially in light of all the fun I've had this last week and a half. So...I shall begin with the Thursday before last.

June 7, 2010 : I worked a full day, and it was my last day. For those who aren't aware, for the past nine months I have been working at a child care center. It was a seasonal job. I was sad to leave... :/ Not but a half hour after I got off work my pastor and his daughter picked me up on the way to the airport to pick up a minister and his family that were coming to visit and he was preaching for the weekend. The Ward family from Tennessee. :) They have two daughters, Jessica, 20, and Allison, 13.

June 8, 2012 : Brunch with the Wards, shopping, youth meeting at 7 pm. The youth meeting was awesome. It was a small group and a short meeting, but the lesson was powerful. The verses Bro. Ward used were from first Timothy 4:12 ( Let no man despise thy youth... ) and second Kings 5:1-5 ( The captive girl tells of one in Israel who can pray for Naaman to be healed ). He brought out that sometimes we feel we are too young, too small, too insignificant, too bound...too whatever to believe God can use us. That though sometimes we may feel we don't measure up to the giants of the Faith who are in the Bible ( Solomon, Paul, Peter... ), yet God has placed in his Word simple people, people in bad situations, children, women,  etc... to remind us that it is not us, it is God in us, using us. We just have to be willing. Pretty amazing, huh?!

June 9, 2012 : We went to Silver Falls. :D It was freezing cold, but fun, pretty, and awesome all the same. Sorry, no pics from this trip. We had a Saturday night service. It was really good! Bro. Ward spoke on how when we accept Christ and are filled with the Holy Ghost, we are then joint-heirs with Him. All He is, we have equal access too. He has checks all written out for us to use ( unlimited!! ), signed with His blood. Anything we have need of, we just fill out that check. Healing, salvation for a loved one, more faith... All we have to do is ask and believe it will be taken care of. :)

June 10, 2012 : Church in the morning. It was beyond amazing! There was such an anointing and presence of the Lord throughout the whole service. Bro. Ward expounded further into his subject the night before and went deeper. After service we had a potluck at Bro. Rich's ( my pastor ). Tacos...yum! The Ward girls and I found that we shared a love of foosball and we roped a couple of the guys into playing a few games too, since we like to play two to a side. It got pretty intense! It was lots of fun though. Later that night after everyone had left and we had rested, we took the Wards to a nearby walking park place where there is an outlook spot on a hill and you can see the valley. You can walk through the woods too and sometimes you can spot deer. We not only spotted a deer, but happened upon a little lizard thing. SO adorable! I was one of the only ones brave enough to touch it. I picked it up and petted it. :) I wish I could have kept it. I would have named it William. :)

June 11, 2012 : THE COAST!!!! :D I LOVE the coast. :) :) :) We had lunch at Mo's at Lincoln City, then walked out on the beach for awhile and collected shells, took pics, splashed in the waves and had an INCREDIBLE time. :) We ladies topped it off with a trip through Tanger Outlet. I got a steal on some Old Navy and Aeropostale T's. Bliss! Here are some pics atlast!

Aren't they SO CUTE??!! :D

Allison! :)

The Ward Family

We found a dead starfish! SO AWESOME!!!

Jessica and Allison were like, " EEEWWW, I really don't want to touch this thing! " Hahaha

Some unique rocks Si found

Alli, me, & Jess
( Sorry, this isn't the best pic ever, but it's the only one I have )

 June 12, 2012 : Not much to report. The Wards left. The Cobb's oldest girl, Anna ( 10 ), left for Ohio with her grandma. Mostly R & R'd. That evening a friend of the Cobb's came with a friend of hers and they stayed for a couple days.

 June 13, 2012 : Went to the Peony Gardens in Brooks with Jo, her friend Vittie ( Victoria ), Charity and the kids. We went to Silver Falls again too. This time I got pictures! :) 

In. Love.

SO beautiful and unique!

I have no idea what the name of this is, but it is STUNNING!

Winter Falls, Silver Creek Falls.

Same Fall.
 Hope ya'll enjoyed! Sorry it was SO long, but I just had to share it all. :) Bon Voyages mi amores! <3!

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