Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Summer Goals Re-cap

 Remember this post about my goals for the summer and that fun little alphabet quiz? No? Hahaha, I'd forgot allllll about it until Karen ever so faithfully posted her summer re-cap. Ooops. Well, one thing I can say...I did a lot of things this summer that I didn't quite expect to do. Another thing I can say is...I totally failed my summer to-do list. :P I didn't finish any of my long-standing " currently reading " books. I barely scratched the surface of my " to read " list. I lost a few pounds, but not as much as I would have liked... ( stress eating is such a terrible thing ) And I actually added to my mending pile instead of reducing it. :( But in the light of starting a business, getting a job, having teeth out, going to Canada, and having family camp at my own church...I think I had more than enough to keep me busy this summer. :D I did complete my last year of the youth summer reading program, however! I didn't win a prize :( I still got to pick a book though ( I chose The False Prince -- eek! :D ) and I got a 8GB USB thingy for participating and reading a certain amount of hours.
 Fall hasn't quite made it's official calendar arrival, and the golden days of summer are going out with a bang of a heat wave, but life has slowed down a bit for me thus far and I am thankful. :) I'm loving my job, slowly but surely getting my room more organized, and looking forward to going back to Canada and also Washington in another month plus a couple weeks. :) I have also learned that goal posts are not my thing...it didn't help keep me accountable because I forgot about it! Hahaha.
 Farewell my few, but faithful ( or so I like to imagine ;) readers! Hopefully I will have something interesting to post about in the coming days. :D

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