Thursday, June 13, 2013

Alphabets & Organization

 Well, I am going to give in. I have been following a friend of mine's blog ( Positively Ducky ) and she links to a blog ( She Learns As She Goes ) that has this thing with doing resolutions and all that good stuff. I have been resisting the urge to be a " copy cat ", but after Karen from Positively Ducky's last post...I couldn't resist any longer. :P So, before I go through and do the alphabet thing, I will tell you a few of my summer resolutions I am going to try for:

1. Read everything I have in my ' Currently Reading ' list on Goodreads. I mean, really...some of it's been there a whole year. Okay, maybe even longer for one or two titles. That is really pathetic! :D

2. Start going through and reading the titles I have saved in my Goodreads ' To Read ' list.

3. Lose -- pounds. :D Sorry, no numbers for all the world to see. :D

4. Actually tackle my mending pile and conquer!


A: Available or Married?
Hmm...well, I am NOT married. As for being available...that depends. ;P

B: Book?
Not sure if this means a favorite or something you are currently reading. 
I have too many favorites, The Bible at the tippy-top of my list. :)
Currently reading: The Essential Homebirth Guide
( Research purposes only! )

C: Cake or Pie?
Unless it is cheesecake. ;)
Or ice cream cake.

D: Drink of Choice:
Anything coffee :D
I also love tea, milk, and smoothies.

E: Essential Item?
Wow. This one is HARD! 
I'd say Bible, but that is kind of a given.
Internet? Cell phone? Food?

F: Favorite Color?
Pretty much any shade of blue.

G: Game to Watch/Play? Idk! I never watch any games!
I love playing Uno. :D 

H: Hometown?
Salem, Oregon!

I: Indulgence?
Something with real sugar and gluten. ;P 
Chocolate makes a daily appearance, too.
My little bit of bliss. :)

J: Job?
Big sister to all the little kids at church :)
Moms' right hand girl-of-all-housework.

K: Kids & Names?
Well, when I get married someday, hubby might disagree, but...
I want a lot of kids! Probably five. At least. 
I have lots of favorite names...just can't remember them!

L: Life is incomplete without...
God, people I love, and a lot of paper and ink!
Oh, and music. :)

M: Music Group/Singer?
I have LOTS of favorites!
Brunners, Isaacs, Selah, CBW...
Just to name a few.
Some are church groups.

N: Number of Siblings?
One, a sister :) <3

O: Oranges or Apples?
Depends on my mood and what we have on hand :D

P: Phobias/Fears?
One word:

Q: Quotes?
I have TONS of favorites.
A funny one is:
" Anything to stupid to be said is sung "

R: Reason to Smile:
Oh, wouldn't you like to know! :P

S: Season?
Summer and Fall. Perfect blend of sun and rain between them. :)

T: Tattoos?
Um? NO-O!!
Couldn't they have thought of a better T question than THAT?!

U: Unknown Fact?
What kind of unknown fact? LOL! 
Here's a little known fact:
One of the U.S. Presidents could write
at the same time

W: Worst Habit?
Kind of a personal question people.
I'd say being lazy and not thinking before I speak.

X: X-Rays?
Only at the dentist 
:) :) :)

Y: Your Favorite Food?
Wait...I thought we covered that already!
Except...I guess coffee and chocolate don't count as food.
Shepherd's Pie, Pizza, Hamburgers, and Meatloaf...
Just to name a FEW.

Z: Zodiac:
Watch out! Scorpio! Hehehe. We do have our good sides.
No, really, we do.


( Next time won't you link to me? )
Did anybody get that?
I hope so!

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  1. yay!! I don't mind you copying! in fact- it makes me feel good knowing what I post is interesting enough to someone that they want to do it themselves. :) enjoyed reading your answers :)