Monday, September 23, 2013

Keep Your Head Up

 Well! What do you know...I'm finally updating my blog. I have been so busy these days that my blog has not been more than just a passing thought. The most I have been doing is reading ( quickly ) the different blogs I follow. But besides that, I have been plain ol' uninspired. Bleh. How exciting is that. :P feel inspired. :D
 As I have said, there has been a lot going on lately. I'm not only working full and almost full hours at the cafe, but I have been running errands to get in on some super deals at different stores and helping my pastor's family pack for moving and doing all the little daily things of life. That's just the physical side of really don't want or need to hear all about the emotional and spiritual things I've been going through lately, do you? I hope not, haha. There has been a lot of good things happening, but even still, there is this little thing called the devil and he seems to have been making it his full-time job to harass me recently. Anyone else? Probably. Somehow he manages to harass all of God's children all the time and mostly all at once.
 So I suppose this might seem a little odd, but the other day while in the store I heard this song and it really lifted my spirits and gave me...hope. Not that I would recommend this song, as it isn't really a Christian song, but it was talking about how you need to just keep your head up even when there are problems all around you because this life is a journey. That is so true. It is VERY hard to keep a positive countenance when there are things you are struggling with, but doing so really makes it so much easier to get through whatever it is. A little bonus is that it also makes it much nicer for everyone around you too, hahaha.
 This morning I was thinking about all this and my thought process went even deeper than " just be happy because it helps ". Really, in all truth, we can be happy because we are the children of God. Because we are the children of God, we have all we will ever need to defeat the enemy if we will just open our eyes to that ability. Hold your head high because you are royal blood. Hold your head high because you are the child of the King of Kings, the Creator of EVERYTHING. That is MORE than enough reason to relax and take a breath. :) So keep your head up! :) ( oh, oh, oh, oh... )

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