Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Possessing Your Land

 I went out this morning to finally get around to pulling some weeds in the back that had been taking over for quite some time. Funny, isn't it, how easy it is to ignore those small sprouts of green that pop up here and there. It doesn't look like anything of consequence, then suddenly, you have ten times as many growing twice as tall. They take over more territory every time you blink or turn your head.
 So, I began my plan of attack. The small edges weren't so bad. But the dirt was hard. The bigger clumps of overgrown grass and weeds left roots behind. I had a brainstorm! I watered them. ;) Yup, I did! But watering the ground softened it. The weeds and grass came out easier. Sure, I got messier. Wet soul clung to my hands. But my work was more profitable. :) An hour later, I had filled a five-gallon bucket. I had a crick in my back, and my legs ached. But I had conquered a plot of land. Mind you, it was a small plot. The overgrowth was rather thick. But I had possessed some of what was mine.
 Why the two-paragraph-long monologue of my task of pulling weeds? It gave me time to think. Actually, for a space of time, I had very little go through my head. That, I find, is a great accomplishment. It is hard to just empty your head of business and let it rest! However, that rest from business then leads to the opening of the mind to much deeper, more satisfying thoughts.
 Take all I said on weed-pulling, for instance. There is a greater meaning to be found in just that menial chore. Weeds grow in our lives just as well as our garden. They overtake, strangle, and hide what is underneath. Weeds in our life can be any number of things. Sin, mistakes, regret, doing to much, not doing enough. We overlook the little signs that something is wrong and they become bigger. Our hearts, our minds become hard, like the soil, and we don't pay attention to the dire need arising within us. Then, maybe a certain sermon or song or word from a complete stranger even, and the water softens the hardness. The changes can be messy sometimes, like the dampened soil, but the knowing that change has begun makes it more bearable and we set to work, possessing the land that was ours all along. God's all along. Isn't that so wonderful? Wonderful how God can use something so simple as tending the yard to bring about ponderings and parallels. What an awesome, great, amazing God He is! I love You, Lord! <3

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