Friday, October 26, 2012

Taking God At His Word

 Have you ever gotten to a place where you are utterly and completely frustrated? Nothing seems to be going right and the devil is ganging up on you, trying to make you believe God is not God and that He cares nothing about you? Perhaps you've been waiting and waiting for the answer to something and the answer still hasn't come yet.
 We have to walk this road by faith, turning our eyes upon Jesus. It can be hard to do when you are rattled and angry - maybe even angry at God. But think how infinite the mind of God is. How great He is and how small we are in His sight. Yet we try to be The Boss and tell God what we want, " firing " Him when we don't get what we expect, when we expect it. Oh, we try to be patient, but if our patience doesn't outlast His timing we feel rejected and get mad.
 O ye of little faith! We must take God at His Word. His promises are true. He will not fail us. When we rage and kick at Him, he quietly waits off in a corner until we are finished with our tantrum. Then He gently scoops us up in His nail-scarred hand and cradles us as we weep out our sorrow, frustration, and pain. He renews us so we can go on our way with our head held high with the knowledge of His strength made perfect in our weakness.

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