Monday, May 28, 2012

Goin' On A Field Trip...

Hey everyone! So sorry I didn't post Friday like I said I the time I was about to get around to posting, we had a terrific ( terrific as in HUGE and slightly nerve-wracking, not awesome ) thunder and lightning storm hit us and I had to power off. Then Saturday and Sunday were busy as usual. =)

So. The Friday before last, a family from church picked me and another girl up and brought us along with them on a school field trip. Our destination was Portland and our first event of the day was riding up the Willamette on one of the Portland Spirit ferries. That lasted a couple hours and we had a nice boxed lunch on board with a scrumptious turkey sandwich on sourdough bread, chips and a very yummy chocolate chip cookie. =)

Next, we headed off to the Portland Zoo. We walked through all the different exhibits and then took the train through some of the zoo too. The train part was kinda a bummer. It mostly takes you through the back part of the zoo where there is old machinery and woodsy areas and a few animal exhibits. But it was nice to sit and take a break from walking. =D

Here are pictures from the ferry ride:

Farm where Bing cherries first were cultivated.

I forget the exact history of this house, but I think it had to do with water , lol. =D

Jaedyn, Me, & Jira-Lily

Here are pictures from the zoo:

Bon Voyage!

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