Monday, April 23, 2012

Post-Wedding Blues

Hi! Wow, it is so hard coming back to earth after such a busy and wonderful weekend where you're just kinda floating around and are there but kinda not-partly because you're exhausted and partly because you are overwhelmed! The crash is even harder when you don't get a chance to say good-bye to everyone and you have to leave and you find out later that the rest of the wedding party went and hung out all evening and you missed out. =(  And I know a lot of people are anxious to hear all the details of the day, but that would make for a really, really long post, so I will be making some phone calls instead ;) BUT I did get hold of some better and different pictures. =)  ( Compliments of Kathy via sneaking them onto my laptop from FB =D )

Kathy and Viktor

I like whatever setting Kathy had her phone on...this is a really cool tone.

All the girls! :) Kathy, Marissa, Nichole, and me.



Love the tone setting on this!

Lol, Kathy made Roma and Viktor pose with our flowers...Nichole wasn't there  at the time, so Dmitry didn't have  flowers to pose with. These guys are incredibly sweet and patient and fun!

The Maid of Honor

Bridesmaid number one ;)

Right to left: Nichole & Dmitry, Kathy & Viktor, Me & Roma

They did a kissing jar and wouldn't kiss unless people put money in. We did that instead of the tinkling of the glasses, in hopes that they would actually get to eat and talk and not have to kiss all the time like with the easy-peasy tinkling of the glasses, but people were mighty generous and they ended up kissing a lot! Lol, they even made the photographer pay to take a pic of them kissing! =D

It was SUCH a perfect day!


The guys getting us drinks =)

The End!

Pro pictures coming in a few weeks, which I am SUPER excited about! 


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    1. SO amazing! It was one of those days that even tho you are super tired at the end you wish it would last for forever :)