Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Winter Wonderland

I know I posted earlier, but I do have to post again. I am sitting here on the couch working on a report for school and mom is across from me at the coffee table working on a puzzle. It is quarter to six in the evening on a Wednesday. Normally, we would be leaving for church in a matter of minutes. However, on this lovely SPRING evening, it is currently 34 degrees and snowing heavily. Mom was laughing at me because I have my Christmas station on Pandora playing. I, too, am laughing because it is admittedly absurd that it is supposed to be Spring and I am sitting here listening to Winter Wonderland and The First Noel while watching the thick, fluffy flakes swirl down. But hey, it is snowing people!! It rarely snows here in the valley and I associate snow with Christmas and the closest I can get to that is Christmas Tell It On The Mountain! =) { Actually, did you know that Jesus could not possibly have been born in December? There would be no shepherds out grazing  sheep in December because there would have been a ton of snow on the hills of Judea. Besides that, Jesus is the Lamb of God, and lambs are born in the Spring! } Bon Voyages!

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