Thursday, July 18, 2013

Odds & Ends

 Well, here I am! Almost another week has passed and I am now even more behind in posting. :) Ah, such is life... Yesterday dad held a family meeting. The trepidation of my little-girl-turned-big-girl heart told me " I am in trouble ", lol, because family meetings used to be the time when we talked about what I had done wrong. :P Silly me. Dad wanted to get our ideas for a spur-of-the-moment family day out. :D Points! We ended up going to the coast and having a lovely, no-rush day. This morning we tackled the berries over at a local U-pick farm, getting in on the last day for raspberries. Tonight I am going to my favorite place, the Cobbs, for a couple days and then their daughter Anna will sleep over at my place Saturday. Yay! :D
 All the pics I am posting will be from the last few weeks...I will do the ones from our day at the coast another time.
Sand Man!
( complete with feather in hair and mustache )

Sand Man turned Sand Dog!
( sorry it is sideways )

My dad's retirement party

My favorite - a sunset!

Independence Day!

We had quite the spread...

The guys

My sweet, adorable cousin!
Love you Cathy!

Love the sound of this guitar!
( posted it just for you, Laina! )

Fourth of July is not complete without fireworks!

( I don't have to explain, do I? It speaks for itself! )

My parents and I

An outing we had to McMinnville
Loved the quaintness of everything
Unfortunately, my camera was a brat and took horrible pictures.

We got ice cream at Serendipity...
BEST ice cream parlor ( and ice cream )
I got green tea and lemon meringue pie in my cone

Antique piano that has been converted a few times.
It currently plays CDs, but the keys move in player piano style

This building used to be a hotel back in the day.
I love what they've done with it!
Some of the original stuff is still there - like the benches!

Spendy...but soooo worth it!
They make their own waffle cones and they are awesome!

I love the antique furniture!!!

And check out this old cash register!

Aaaand last and very randomly,
two kitties outside my window the other day.

What a pretty kitty!

The End

Bon Voyage!



  1. How old are you, if I may ask? I found your blog by Fresh Modesty. I love that blog! I saw your link to your own blog.

    1. Hello namesake! I am 18 :) Why do you ask, if I may ask? I love Fresh Modesty! So cool that you found me via Olivia's blog.