Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Hectic Life ;)

 Whew! So here I am five minutes into Tuesday and finally getting around to posting. Hahaha, my weekend went nothing like how I thought it would. Starting with Thursday, the last four days ( five? i dunno, lol. ) have been major stress.
 Thursday I had a filling. As usual, it took me about as long to get set up and numb as it did to have them drill and fill, lol. At least this time they " only " had to shoot me with numbing juice twice. And the second time it actually worked! Whaddya know. :D Anywhoo, that numbing stuff knocked me out for a day. Always does. :(
 Friday I had my assessment test. I could safely say it was one of the most stressful mornings of my life. But, I made it. And made it well, if I do say so myself. Got the highest score you can get for the essay and pretty close to the highest you can get for reading comprehension and basic math testing. Thing was, I had to hit the ground running right after, with errands, packing for a busy weekend, and dinner at my pastor's family's house ( at which I stayed for the weekend ).
 Saturday. Saturday was crazy and long. I had brought ingredients with me to make a healthy dessert for the get-togethers we were having over the weekend. Cute little single-serve cheesecakes. Plan A failed. So, I created Plan B. That made for a less-than-perfect morning in which I exercised an amazing amount of self-control. The afternoon brought mom and dad to help me clean the church because it was our turn and dad had hurt himself at work and could barely walk ( more on that later ).  The evening brought a ( LONG ) get-together with the musicians and song leader  ( my dad ) and their families to learn new songs that are on our new projector thingy we have.
 Sunday was our Communion Sunday. Those are the Sundays we have two services and a potluck in between. Sunday morning had to be another one of the most stressful mornings of my life, but in a little bit different way than on Friday.
 See, my dad had pulled something in his lower back on the right side at work last week and the pain had gotten steadily worse and spread over a larger area, down his Siatic nerve. He'd been limping around. Well, he collapsed on the front steps when he and mom had gotten home Saturday night. I was worried and concerned. Sunday morning my mom got hold of me early and told me they were not going to be there because dad could hardly get out of bed. So, I had a hard morning worrying about him and trying not to freak out about what was going to happen next and all that. Thankfully, God really gave me a touch in the service and a great peace came over me.
 Since then I have tried to hold on to that peace. It's been a hard battle. Today I went ( at first, against my will and by parental command ) to a Introduction program for a Lab class to help me get ready to take my GED ( I had the option of skipping that and going straight to doing the pre-tests or the GED itself since I did so well, but I get credits if I go to this Lab thing and mom wanted me to get the credits ). Right after that we were out all afternoon and evening running dad here and there to appointments etc...
 Tomorrow I start this class thing three days a week for three hours and dad has Chiro appointments three times a week as well. Here just a week ago I was complaining that my life at home was so boring and there wasn't enough to keep me busy when I'm home, verses at someone else's home helping with their kids. Well, those days are over for at least the next six weeks, and if I find a job soon, over for a long time.
 Right now, I think I'm going to collapse and sleep for forever. :D 'Night folks.

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