Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 Ok, I admit it...I spend almost as much time with my pastor's family as my own. :D But seriously, who could stay away from such fun, sweet, awesome people?! Not me! Anyway, I have been at almost every birthday party for at least the past decade. Just about a week ago, two of the girls had their birthdays. Emily turned four and Anna turned eleven. Here are some pictures...of which I have many more of Emily's than Anna's. :/ That's just the way it goes sometimes.

I did her hair in a " big girl " messy bun.

Lemon cupcakes for the party - YUM!

Too excited to wait for the party to officially start!

Hello Kitty was the perfect theme :)

Patiently waiting to eat dessert and open presents ;)

My FAVORITE picture!
Emmy giving Mandie a thank you hug :)

 And then, Anna's peacock-themed party that we had later that evening:

Minus the glowing eyes, this is a really sweet Daddy-Daughter picture :)


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