Monday, November 11, 2013

Back to Canada, Day One

 Has it seriously been a month and a half since I've posted?! Wow...haha, sorry everyone. Life's just been too crazy and I haven't had a lot of interesting stuff to post on, so...that's my excuse. :P
 BUT! * drum roll * I do have something to keep me posting for a little while now. Last Wednesday I returned from a week and a half's adventure to Canada and Washington. :) Yay! I had the best time ever, got to do lots of fun things with lots of fun people. :) Even had my birthday while I was there!
 I regret to say that I didn't take a ton of pictures, and quite a few were on my phone and I can't figure out how to put them on my computer as of yet. :/
 I left on a Monday, October 28th, to be precise. Up at quarter past five, heading out the door at six. The train pulled into the station at quarter to seven and with quick goodbyes to my parents, I was whisked off to my northern adventure. Having not gotten much sleep ( due to texting, not sleepless excitement haha ) I settled in and dozed for a good couple hours. I so love travelling by train!
 By noon or so we had pulled into the Seattle station where I was relieved to be notified that my connection bus had arrived and was chances to miss it this time! Settling in with my earbuds I took in the gorgeous scenery and anxiously awaited my arrival in Bellingham, Washington.
 Once there, I nervously waited for my ride...where was she? On the verge of beginning to freak out when she hadn't showed up twenty minutes later, Hannah came up behind me and voila! We were on our way. :) However, things didn't go quite as planned. After getting gas and almost getting smacked into by a crazy driver in the parking lot, we pulled through NEXUS. Well, haha. I don't have a nexus card. You have just violated the nexus contract blah blah blah, please pull over to the covered  area and go inside. Ooookay...whoops! With much trepidation, Hannah and I went in and waited and waited and waited. After explaining that we had no idea that what we did was so serious and that it was a complete accident, the border patrol guy let us go with a warning...highly unusual, but we were SOOOOO thankful! Praise God for His help and protection!
 At long last we arrived at Hannah's house where her mom was busy preparing a belated Canadian Thanksgiving. Oh, was THAT a lot of fun! A couple hours later, eight of us were gathered around the table in a jolly manner. Bro. Eric, Sis. Kylie, Luke & Jo, Josh, Hannah, ( another ) Josh, and me. After stuffing ourselves we spent the evening talking and playing different versions of ping pong. Well, I just watched. I have never really played ping pong before and I was also really tired, so watching was fine by me, haha.
 So there ya have it! If I could figure out how to add the pics from my phone...well...then you could see pics start to finish of my day. I do have pics from my entire trip that I took with my phone via Instagram if you would like to look me up there... omiru18. Until next time! :)

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